Decisions of the First Session of the Council in 2016

The First Session of the Council in the Administrative Year 2016 lasted from 25 December 2015 to 23 January 2016.

The Council has decided that authorities for style and language (the Sandum Language & Style Authority) and for culture (the Sandum Cultural Authority) shall be considered dormant and inactive.
The Council has decided that the Council shall begin to have intercalary months in January and December where a legislative session may be split between two administrative years; in practice, a lunar month will be split into two legislative sessions (1) from one full moon to the new moon in one administrative year and (2) from the new moon to another full moon in the next administrative year.

Facilitator Adam von Friedeck

Office of Sôgmô releases Translations of Sandum Jargon

The Office of the Sôgmô has released a series of translations of important Sandum words and terms useful for usage in Sandus’s three official languages. The translations include cooperatives, constitutional institutions, governmental institutions and authorities, Sandum provinces and other jurisdictions, national symbols, and elements of the Sandum Philosophy and Sandum Political Theories. The release of translations amidst Sandum efforts to return to a political focus on cultural development and on Sandus’s three official languages of English, French, and Latin.


English: Français: Lingua Latina:
College of Priests Le Collège des prêtres Collegium Sacerdotum
Citizens’ Party of Sandus Le Parti sande des citoyens Factiō Civium Sandē
Tellus Agrarian Cooperative La Coopérative agrarienne de Tellus Cooperātivus Agrarius Tellūris
Erganê Artisanal Cooperative La Coopérative artisanale d’Erganê Cooperātivus Artifex Erganēs

Constitutional Institutions:

English: Français: Lingua Latina:
Office of the Sôgmô L’Office du Sôgmô Officium Sōgmōnis
Citizens’ Party of Sandus Le Parti sande des citoyens Factiō Civium Sandē
Council Le Conseil Cōncilium

Governmental Institutions & Authorities:

English: Français: Lingua Latina:
Kremlum Sandus State College Le Collège d’état de Kremlum Sandus Collēgium Cīvitātis Kremlya Sande
Kremlum Sandus State Press La Presse d’état de Kremlum Sandus Pressa Cīvitātis Kremlya Sande
Royal Library of Sandus La Bibliothèque royale de Sandus Bibliothēca Rēgālis Sandē
Sandum Cultural Authority L’Autorité sande de la Culture Officium Auctōritās Sanda Cultūrae
Sandum Style & Language Authority L’Autorité sande de la Style et de la Langue Officium Auctōritās Sanda Stilī Linguaeque

Provinces & other jurisdictions:

English: Français: Lingua Latina:
Kremlum Sandus Province La Province Kremlum Sandus Prōvincia Kreml’ Sandus
Sandus Ulterior Province La Province Sandus Ulterior Prōvincia Sandus Ulterior
Columbia (capital) Columbie (capitale) Columbia (caput)
Gradient-Sovereign Condominium Theory La théorie de copropriété souveraine-gradiente Theōria condominiī superānī-gradientis

The Office of the Sôgmô also included declension charts for Kremlum Sandus and Sandus Ulterior Provinces in Latin.

Nominative: Prōvincia Kreml’ Sandus
Genitive: Prōvinciae Kremlya Sandē
Dative: Prōvinciae Kremlyu Sandē
Accusative: Prōvinciam Kreml’ Sandum
Ablative: Prōvinciā Kremlō Sandē
Vocative: Prōvincia Kreml’ Sande
Nominative: Prōvincia Sandus Ulterior
Genitive: Prōvinciae Sandē Ulteriōris
Dative: Prōvinciae Sandē Ulteriōrī
Accusative: Prōvinciam Sandum Ulteriōrem
Ablative: Prōvinciā Sandē Ulteriōre
Vocative: Prōvincia Sande Ulterior

National Symbols:

English: Français: Lingua Latina:
Sandum Coat of Arms Le Blason sande Scūtum Sandus
Coat of Arms of the House of Sörgel Le Blason de la Maison de Sörgel Scūtum Domūs Sōrgelī
Sandum Tricolour La Tricolore sande Tricolor Sandus
Sôgmô’s Quinquecolor La Quinquecolore du Sôgmô Quinquecolor Sōgmōnis
Party Flag Le Drapeau du Parti Vexillum Factiōnis
Sovereign Eagle L’Aigle souverain Aquila Superāna
Saint George’s Ribbon
Le Ruban de Saint-George
Le Coquelicot
Taenia Sanctī Georgī
Papāver Rhoeās

Sandum Philosophy & Political Theories:

English: Français: Lingua Latina:
Buddhism Le Bouddhisme Buddhismus
Socialism Le Socialisme Socialismus
Sancta La Sancta Sancta
Realism Le Réalisme Reālismus
Libera La Libéra Lībēra
Philia La Philie Philia

To Codify the Sancta Language

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

While reading through a grammar book this evening, as a part of one of my English literary courses, I happened upon the idea of bringing greater identity and regularity to our language. As a result, the Sandum Style & Language Authority shall work to codify the Sancta Language’s grammar and continue work made on our old language “textbook”.

These projects shall work to create a greater independent language in Sandus and to increase the Sandum identity. Though not destined to become the spoken language in Sandus, it will be so that most Sandum citizens may be able to understand the Sancta language following these projects and potential reforms of our language.

These projects shall be hopefully completed before XX Februario MMXII (20 February 2013), or le Jouro de le Secessio (the Day of the Secession), by which all instruments of the Sancta identity are completed before the upcoming year on the New Year in March. They shall be ratified by both the Sandum Style & Language Authority (SS&LA) and, if culturally vital, the Sandum Cultural Authority (SCA).

— Sôgmô Sörgel.