Founding Law signed on this day 8 years ago

On 13 April 2011, the State Caucus of Sandus, the provisional body that oversaw the transition from Sandus as a colony of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie to a fully-fledged sovereign state with a constitution, enacted the Founding Law of the State of Sandus.

This basic and supreme law of the land established in its ten articles and preamble Sandus’s current socialist constitution and laid the basis for the evolutionary transition from monarchy to a republic. The law lays forth Sandum citizens’ common rights, freedoms, and obligations, as well establishes the basis of Sandus’s economic and social policies. In terms of politics, the Founding Law established the principle that the Sôgmô maintains the legal and political supremacy of the State of Sandus. The law even foresaw the development of our tripartite national philosophy comprised of Buddhism, Socialism, and Sancta (a term that has been defined as pluralism and multiculturalism).














Medal for 10th Anniversary Unveiled

A medal for the tenth anniversary of the creation of Sandus has been announced and unveiled today by the Office of the Sôgmô. The medal is designed by the Minister-President of Sandus’s friend and ally Saint-Castin, Dominic Desaintes. It draws on Sandum patriotic symbols like the mural crown, the sovereign eagle, and the wooden alms bowl.


The medal bears the dates 2009 and 2019.

Sandum citizens, Sandum-affiliated people, friends, and allies who are present and take part in the anniversary events happening in Ann Arbour, Quercus Candida, will receive the medal. Not all participants, however, but a select number of 15 medals will be given at the Sôgmô’s discretion.

The medals, which were designed in Saint-Castin and will be produced in Québec, Canada, will be given to recipients during events marking the momentous milestone in the Sandum capital later in May. The medal bears two inscriptions on it: “10 annis Sande,” Latin meaning “for 10 years of Sandus,” and “2009 – 2019.” The medals will be painted and will be given a ribbon in order to be worn along with honourees’ other micronational medals. The medal takes no place of precedence in the Sandum system of honours.

Still haven’t planned your trip to celebrate 10 Years since the Creation of Sandus? Répondez-vous s’il vous plaît here or contact the Sôgmô directly.

Sôgmô releases Holiday Message early

The Sôgmô has released þess holiday message early on Christmas eve and in text, rather than the custom of sending a video in the early morning of 25 December. The message cites Royal Family events on the eve of Christmas and the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti as the cause for the break from tradition.

Read the Sôgmô’s annual Holiday Message here.

In the message, það talks about Jesus’s message and how Christians’ views are like those associated with all Sandum citizens, and mentions a story from þess recent nyungné, a Tibetan Buddhist fasting ritual, about how Jesus’s story is accessible to people across a variety of different boundaries. Það talks about how this season is one meant for family, both born and chosen families, and marks how important the New Gregorian Year will be as we mark the 10th anniversary of the Creation of Sandus.

Citizens to Receive Free Flag Pins

On 29 September, the Sôgmô sent out a poll in the Council asking for citizens’ opinions on two flag pin designs, one including a flag pole and one without; citizens voted overwhelmingly for a design without a flag pole. The flag pins, which are to be manufactured to celebrate Sandus’s 10th anniversary, will be given to Sandum citizens free of charge, while the remainder of the 100 pins will be given to allies of Sandus and to friends of the Sandum People.

Sandus’s 10th anniversary will be celebrated in May 2019.

The Council’s winning design features a waving Sandum Bicolour without a flagpole.